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About Tagflex

Tagflex provides consulting services in the fields of:

  • Knowledge to information conversions
  • Markup languages (SGML, XML, HTML)
  • Document design to facilitate:
    • Multiple delivery methods (paper, web, CD-ROM)
    • Translation to multiple languages
  • Training for markup language authoring and proofing tools
  • Work flow design for multi-language and multiple delivery method documents.

Services are provided by Trevor Nolten, who has over 25 years experience in providing customer support for industrial capital equipment. During this time he has planned, implemented and directed a European Customer Service organisation, designed and developed training courses for customers and in-house personnel, and has designed and implemented an XML-based, multi-lingual documentation system involving 15 technical writers in 5 countries. The system was designed to create and maintain technical customer support documents in 14 languages for paper and on-screen delivery.

Contact Trevor Nolten at Tagflex


Tagflex is located in Rixensart, close to Brussels in Belgium, at the following address:

Avenue Félix 14

B-1330 Rixensart


Telephone and Fax

Telephone: +32 2 652 41 60

Fax: +32 2 653 50 25

GSM/mobile/cellular: +32 475 426 413