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Knowledge to Information Conversions
Document Design
Document Type Definition (DTD) and Stylesheet Design
Training for SGML and XML Authoring and Proofing Tools

Knowledge to Information Conversions

Knowledge is both precious and undervalued in most organisations. It is an essential element in operation and sustainment of the business and yet it remains largely inaccessible; in PCs, in notebooks, in people's heads.

Before the value of knowledge can be realised it must be converted into information and that information must be made accessible to those who need to use it.


Information is accessible knowledge.

Tagflex will help you to convert your knowledge to information and deliver it to the people who need it.

  • Your customers
  • Your service team
  • Your sales force
  • Your manufacturing group

Step 1 – Identify the sources of your knowledge and how it is recorded.

Step 2 – Set up a conversion process to turn the knowledge to information in an electronic format that can be easily accessed using industry standard methods.

Step 3 – Implement a storage and delivery system that provides simple and rapid location of information.

Step 4 – Plan a structure for information units that will allow reuse of material, delivery on-the-fly, and multiple delivery routes to your users.

Document Design

Careful document design can bring benefits and cost savings in many areas.

  • Consistent layout and structure makes documents easier to create and maintain whilst improving the reading experience for the user.
  • By designing documents with future translation requirements in mind, significant cost saving can be achieved.
  • Design for multiple delivery methods avoids repetition and reduces costs.

Tagflex will help you to analyse your document classes, audience, and delivery methods and to set up business rules that ensure your documents are consistent, cost effective, and tuned to the target audience.

Document Type Definition (DTD) and Stylesheet Design

Document structure can be enforced by use of a set of electronic business rules to define a document class. Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) are open-standard systems that make use of such a set of business rules in the form of a Document Type Definition (DTD) and stylesheets.

A DTD controls the structure of a document class and the relationship between different elements of the document.

A stylesheet controls the formatting of a document class for a given delivery method (web, CD-ROM, paper, PDA) linked to elements defined in the DTD.

Tagflex will design DTDs and stylesheets based on the results of a careful document analysis. These will be used as part of an authoring system using SGML and XML editing software.

Training for SGML and XML Authoring and Proofing Tools

In order to extract the maximum benefit from a structured information delivery system it must be maintained by in-house personnel using SGML or XML aware software.

Tagflex will provide training in the use of authoring and proofing tools to ensure proper maintenance of your information delivery system and timely, cost effective creation and update of content.